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About meSTITCHulous

Hi Stitch Friend!

Welcome to my shop!  My name is Kristen Green and I am the owner and founder of meSTITChulous.

The place for meticulous stitchers!

In 2019 I picked up my first embroidery project because I needed something to do to keep my mind calm and express my creative side. I also wanted to try something new and outside of my comfort zone. But in typical me fashion, I got too excited and bit off more than I could chew. I got so many ideas, kits, and patterns that I quickly became overwhelmed and felt like giving up. I needed to find inspiration and motivation to keep going, so in 2019 I created an Instagram page called meSTITCHulous to highlight the amazing stitchers out there. 

During the crazy times of 2020, I realized that I wanted to create a one stop shop with tools, inspirations, and resources to help others on their stitching journey.  My goal is to make sure you never fall out of love with this amazing craft and you also have a friend in your corner to cheer you on to complete your stitch goals! 


Kristen G.